Provide innovative business and  technology service that deliver      measurable results.
Successfully meet Business and IT      Challenges.
A leading Consulting and IT Services    Company offerin g a wide range of  solutions for key verticals and       horizontals.
Continuous improvement through       constant       innovation.
Coming up with innovattiveideas and       transforming them into solutions.
When exact solutions are the need,       right       fit makes all the difference.
Industry Government
In order to overcome the ever-increasing challenges and to accomplish the overwhelming objectives and responsibilities, the focus of Governments all across the world should be on streamlining the processes, updating systems, and implementing more efficient solutions that combine the best business and technology expertise-as they recognize the need to improve the efficiency of their service delivery to their citizens and businesses. The new reality is that the government sector is compelled to operate in a citizen-centric environment that can harness the power of new technologies.

Syscon brings innovation, experience and in-depth industry knowledge to the government entities as they strive to connect with their citizens and businesses. Syscon, by providing integrated value-added professional services, helps federal, state and local governments improve their business performance and services. Syscon offers a distinct combination of private sector knowledge and public sector experience. Our dedicated government domain expertise facilitates; the convergence of functional and technical knowledge; the competency acquired in the public services -have made us the leaders in the functional areas of Government IT Solutions.

Our service portfolio in the government sector covers:
  • E-Business
  • Technology Infrastructure Services
  • Reusable Frameworks
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Procurement
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

 Our Vision
Our vision is to focus on a strong research foundation where we will look at all the potential candidate in a particular field and assess them according to requirement that includes screening for motivation, stability history of creating impact and the depth of the knowledge and experience of your particular industry.
 Our Mission
To provide high quality and competent staffing service to our valuable clients on a cost effective and time-efficient basis. Thus foster the long-term professional relationship with them. To provide professional, personalized and proactive support to prospective candidates and to ensure right candidate for right job.
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